Arizona Biltmore Hotel


The Arizona Biltmore Hotel, Phoenix, Arizona
Standard Rooms from $179 (on-line discount rate)
pet deposit-$100 (refund of $50 at checkout) 
P1060839I decided to treat myself ( and Phoebe) to a truly luxury experience and stay at the historic Arizona Biltmore on our return trip home from Texas.

The hotel has been the exclusive playground for the rich and famous for the past 80 years and the numerous expansions and refurbishing have enhanced the comfortable elegance and desert calm ambiance with a modern space while integrating the Biltmore feeling of the architecture and furnishings.  P1060826

From the moment we entered the  lobby of the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired hotel,  the staff gushed and greeted my pug with puppy -like enthusiasm.  I felt like part of J-Lo’s entourage.  The compliments and the solicitous attention: “isn’t she adorable!” “Will you be needing anything special for her?”   Complimentary treats were offered and complimentary Biltmore logo place mat and food and water bowls provided.  Phoebe was registered as a Preferred Pet Pals  member to ensure any special needs would be attended to.  I later found out that pet sitters were available (for a fee), should a guest decide to go out for the evening. Hotel dining areas are not yet pet friendly.


We were upgraded to one of the private cottages on the 34 acre lush, grassy property with a private patio. Traveling with a pet, often results in such preferential treatment.  A slobbery face lick and wagging tail seems to open doors easier than a big tip.  “She’ll enjoy the patio,” confided the young man leading the way with my overstuffed bag while Phoebe lunged after him dragging me by her leash (after 5 years, this is still remains an unsolved behavioral issue).

The cottage was charming, spacious (500 square feet) with a huge marble and glass bathroom and living/bedroom area with a kick off your shoes and sprawl out sofa which was immediately pug tested and approved.   

It was time to order from the room service Pet Pals Menu.   A quick glance at the gourmet nutritious selections including Seared Salmon, tempted me to share her dinner(not a chance of Phoebe entertaining that idea).  She (rather I) selected the Zen Yo veggie stir fry with poached organic egg and brown rice. A notation at the bottom of the menu read “menu developed especially to help pets adjust to altitude and jet lag, easy to digest and helps re-hydrate weary dogs and cats. 

Phoebe wasn’t aware of the nutritional benefits which frankly are not high oh her priority list. She just knew it tasted pretty darn good.   

We had plenty of time to wander (sniff) the grounds before my dinner reservation at the glass enclosed, garden setting of the recently modernized and expanded Frank and Albert’s restaurant.

Frank (as in Lloyd Wright) and Albert’s (as in Albert McArthur) original Biltmore architect and student of Frank Lloyd Wright.  We strolled down paths and admired the lush fountains, pools and terrace dining areas.  A pet friendly walking trail across from the hotel stretches along the Arizona canal and extends across the city.  A great idea for some early morning exercise prior to our departure, but alas, the comfy factor of our bed thwarted this plan.  

We said goodbye to the affable and accommodating staff particularly lovely Becky Blaine,the Biltmore’s Historian and Public Relations Manager. She had been a gracious and informative hotel tour guide and eager to implement suggestions for canine and guest comfort.

As I anticipated, Phoebe seemed a little disappointed to be back home in our small

midcentury house sans lush green acreage and walking trails.